The animal wildlife in the Wuhu Archipelago flourishes, despite the fact that the Miis have now lived there for decades.

Thanks to the remortness of the archipelago, the environment and ecosystem have not been seriously damaged. This geological features also made the ecosystem unique and isolated. There are no introduced animal species on the island besides domesticated cats and dogs, so its ecosystem is rather stable. The majority of animals on the island are birds, including seagulls, eagles, ducks, and owls. There are no reptiles, or amphibians known, and the only mammals are whales that swim in the surrounding waters, and coyotes, which can occasionally be heard howling in the ruins. Coyotes are the only terrestrial mammals, but how they got to the islands are unclear and it's possible that they were artificially introduced. A few tropical fish species can be seen in Duckling Lake.

List of animals

  • Dog: The dogs are one of the species introduced in the island (together with the cats).
  • Cat: The cats are one of the species introduced in the island (together with the dogs).
  • Whales: Whales are a type of marine mammal that lives in the ocean around Wuhu Island. They can be seen when they rarely jump out from the water.
  • Fish:
  • Ducks: ducks are a type of bird that lives at Wuhu Island's Duckling Lake.
  • Hawks:
  • Eagles:
  • Coyotes: They are animals that live in Wuhu Island. They eat ducks and seagulls. (Those animals are only mentioned in some iPoints descriptions, but they can't be seen on-screen).
  • Seagulls: They are a type of marine bird that flies around at Wuhu Island. They are eaten by coyotes.


See main article: Gallery:Animals

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