Armore Fiend
Armored Fiend 
is a giant, red colored Armored Ghost and a boss in Find Mii, acting as the guardian of the captured Monarch for the Ultimate Ghost. Having 60 HP, he is the strongest armored enemy in the original Find Mii.

Although not much is known of the Armored Fiend, it is assumed that he serves the Ultimate Ghost, who in turn serves the Dark Lord, and may act as a sub-boss for the latter's forces. Besides this assumption, and the fact that he diligantly guards the captured monarch, there is little else to be told about him.


Find Mii

Armored Fiend first appears in the original Find Mii, atop the Summit of Mirage Tower guarding the Monarch. Simmilar to other armored enemies, Armored Fiend has a defense level of one, reducing any damage done to him through standard attacks alone. Moreover, he is unaffected by level one heroes, simply dealing him zero damage with each strike. After a long battle, he is ultimately defeated, and the monarch is set free. Although not before the Ultimate Ghost grabs him suddenly.


As stated above, the Armored Fiend is a giant, red colored Armored Ghost, wearing a typical knight's helmet lined with a red creast, spiked shoulder pads, and holds a large, red battle axe.


  • Armored Fiend is the only enemy in the original Find Mii to not return in Find Mii II

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