Several balloons shown in Wuhu Town's Plaza.

Balloons (not to be confused with hot air balloons) are items found around Wuhu Island in Wii Sports Resort's Island Flyover. They can be popped using the balloon blaster. Several stamps involve the balloons. They are also major items in Dogfight, the player having to pop the other's balloons. Hundreds of balloons can be found around the island in Island Flyover, as well.

The balloons also appear in Frisbee Dog, where they give bonus points when they are popped.

In Wii Sports Resort's Free Cruising and Pilotwings Resort's Free Flight Mode, some pink balloons with a timer drawn on are scattered all over the sea around the island. They add one minute to the total timer.

Also, in Pilotwings Resort, balloons appear in Balloon Buster, where the main goal is to follow a precise path to hit balloons by passing through them and make them pop. 

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