Birds eye bulls eye screenshot
Bird's-Eye Bulls-Eye is a activity in Wii Fit Plus's Training Plus. In this game, the player's Mii is flying around Wuhu Island in a chicken suit, trying to land on a large platform on top of a The Queen Peach. Since there is a time limit, the player must land on smaller platforms along the way, as these grant more time. These platforms grant various time bonuses, the value depending on where the player lands. The game ends either if the time is out, or when the player lands on the goal platform.


  • Stand on the Wii Balance Board and flap your hands.
  • When you stop flapping, your character descends.
  • If you lean forwards, you will fly forwards.
  • If you stand straight, you fly upward and gain altitude.
  • If you lean backwards, you will fly up and back.
  • Lean left or right to steer left or right.

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