Wii Play FindMii1
Not to be confused with Find Mii (StreetPass Mii Plaza).

Find Mii is one of the nine minigames of Wii Play.

Crowds of Miis will gather on the screen, standing, swimming, walking, sitting, and riding down an escalator, and the player is given certain details to look for among them. The player then must pick out the Miis that match the objective. The objectives range among finding two to five identical Miis; finding the fastest Mii; choosing a favorite and finding it again; or finding the "odd Miis out" (doing things that other Miis are not). Single player mode uses a timed system in which the time limit is extended upon finding the correct Mii(s), and multiplayer mode uses a scoring system where two players attempt to get the highest score within two minutes.


Name Description
Find (...) look-alikes The object for this challenge is to find 2, 3, 4 or 5 Miis in the crowd, that have the same face. They can either be standing still, or moving in a certain way. This is the most common task in the game. For the later levels, the crowd of Miis gets larger. The lower number of look-alikes is harder to find in a big crowd
Find the odd Mii out For this task, the crowd of Miis will have their heads facing one direction. However there are a few Miis that are facing the opposite direction from everyone else. Every time a sound is heard, the Miis turn their heads to the other direction. The goal is to find the Miis that are facing the other direction from all the others. Another variation of this task is when there's a group of Miis walking forward in the same speed. The goal for this task is to find the Mii that isn't walking with perfect step with the others.
Find the fastest Mii It involves finding the Mii that runs or swims the fastest than the rest of the Miis.
Find the Mii you're using The player has to find the Mii that he/she is using to play the game.
Find this Mii For this task, the game shows a Mii's face, and the player has to find that Mii in the crowd.
Find the sleepyhead It involves finding the Miis who are sleeping.
Pick a favorite For this task, the player is required to pick a Mii that he/she has to memorize for a later level. The Miis in this level aren't from the console itself.
Find your favorite This task comes up a few levels after "Pick a favorite". For this one, the player has to find the Mii that he/she has to memorize in the crowd.



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