Fishing is a Wii Play minigame and the seventh unlockable game. Players use the Wii Remote as a fishing rod, to hook specific paper fish and then yank upwards to grab them. Points are added and subtracted depending on the fish caught. A display at the top of the screen shows which fish gives bonus points if caught, and changes every 30 seconds or so.

Types of fish

  • Small Fry: collecting them doesn't give to the player points, but makes you 50 lose points.
  • Nibbler: Normally, they make you gain 100 - 120 points, but if they appear at the top of the screen, they make you gain 200 - 240 points.
  • Plain Ol' Fish: They are normally worth 50 or 60 points, but also 100 or 120 points if they appear at the top of the screen as a bonus.
  • Touchy Fish: They are a little harder to collect than the other fishes, as they sneaking up on one is a big mistake. They're very fragile; one move of the fishing rod behind them makes them shoot off, wasting time. It takes a long time to catch one as well, as they take 4 nibbles before actually biting the rod.
  • King of the Pond: Collecting it makes the player earn 350 points, or 700 points if they appear at the top of the screen. It only appears near the minigame's end.
  • Mystery Fish: They are the rarest of all the fish, and are also pretty difficult to collect. They are the only fish in the game that doesn't appear every time the game is played. Collecting them makes the player earb 250 points, or 500 points if they appear at the top of the screen.

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