Weather Channel
The Forecast Channel (also known as the Weather Channel) is one of the Wii's several channels. Its main purpose was to view weather from all around the world, however it was discontinued on June 27, 2013 due to the release of the Wii U. [1]

The Forecast Channel makes use of WiiConnect24 to constantly receive weather updates from around the world to a Wii console. Weather for virtually every major city in the world can be viewed from the Forecast Channel. Information that the user can view includes the temperature for the day, the weather condition, an ultraviolet index, and a five day forecast. The Japanese version exclusively has a laundry index, which doesn't exist outside of that country.

There are several select games that make use of the Forecast Channel to alter in-game conditions. For example, if in the player's city it is raining, it will be raining in the game.


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