Screen pilotwings-resort 1

A Mii is going inside a Stunt Ring.

Free Flight Mode is a mode from Pilotwings Resort, which allows the player to freely explore Wuhu Island (similar to the Wii Sports Resort minigame, Island Flyover) using any type of aircraft they have unlocked.

Various collectibles such as balloons and stunt rings can be picked up to unlock certain features in the game, like diorama statues and the player's very own castle on the archipelago's Private Island.

In this mode, there is a time limit which is extended for the next playthrough when the player has collected a set number of balloons.

It is also possible to play the Flight Mode in the evening if the players collects 30 Stunt Rings, and in the nighttime if the player collects 45 Stunt Rings.

With the Hang Glider, the player can snap 3D photos of its surroundings. These photos can then be saved right to the player's Nintendo 3DS.

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