Golf Time

A Mii with a putter.

Golf clubs are sporting equipment used to hit golf balls in golf. They range in strength, size, and appearance.


Wind may also be a factor on how far the ball goes, as on some holes there can be no wind or wind that has speeds of up to thirty miles per hour.

  • Putter: The putter is used to hit the ball short distances, usually across the green.
  • Wedge: A wedge is a type of club used to hit balls to the fairway or green from the bunker or rough.
  • 9 Iron: A 9 iron is designed for hitting the ball from the fairway.
  • 7 Iron: Like 9 iron, but with a larger range.
  • 5 Iron: Like 7 iron, but with a larger range.
  • 3 Iron: Like 5 iron, but with a larger range.
  • 3 Wood: Like 3 iron, but with a larger range.
  • Driver: This is a club used for hitting balls the maximum distance possible.


  • In Wii Sports, the only clubs that appear are a putter, an iron simply titled "iron", a wood, a wedge, and a driver.