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Exterior, from Tomomodachi Collection.
Region Island
Specific Location Island

This article is about shop from the Tomodachi series. For the purchasable room, see Interior.

"This interior-design shop is the perfect place for brightening up a boring apartment."
~Building description, Tomodachi Life

Interiors is a shop found in Tomodachi Collection and Tomodachi Life. It specializes in offering different interiors for Mii Apartments. Every day there are new interiors available in Today's Items. If the player buys new interiors they can be bought every day in In Stock. Time travelling will stop new interiors from appearing temporarily. Special interiors can be unlocked by increasing islander's happiness levels by leveling up.

Monthly Interiors

Every month, the interior shop sells one interior that is specifically sold during that month. This interior is exclusive to the month it is sold in, so it must be bought for it to be added to In Stock.

Tomodachi Collection

Item Exclusive Month Prices Description Image
January JP:¥
Febuary JP:¥
March JP:¥
Blossoms April JP:¥40,000 "View full-bloom Cherry Blossoms right in your room"
Blossums Interior
May JP:¥
June JP:¥
July JP:¥
August JP:¥
September JP:¥
October JP:¥
November JP:¥
December JP:¥

Tomodachi Life

Item Exclusive Month Prices Description Image
Winter January US: $400.00
EU: €
"Snowmen and penguins are awesome neighbors. And that aurora is gorgeous."
Winter Interior
Skyscraper Febuary US: $320.00
EU: €
"A fancy restaurant with a priceless view. The perfect place to pop the question.""
Skyscraper Interior
Train March US: $250.00
EU: €
"Everybody loves the sound of a train in the distance. Up close it's a little noisy."
Train Interior
Spring April US: $400.00
EU: €
"The weather's always perfect here. Have a bite beneath the blossoms."
Spring Interior
Flower meadow May US: $200.00
EU: €
"You're essentially homeless, but who cares? Rainbows and flowers--yay!"
Flower Meadow
Wedding June US: $990.00
EU: €990.00
"Get in the mood to say "I do!" by practicing your walk down the aisle."
Wedding Interior
Ice July US: $200.00
EU: €200.00
"Its kind of freezing, but that ice sculpture sure is pretty. Worth it?"
Ice Interior
Tropical beach August US: $900.00
EU: €


"The ocean breeze will put you at ease. Just don't step on that cranky crab."
Tropical Beach Interior
Pumpkin patch September US: $300.00
EU: €
"Get a head start on Halloween by living in your very own pumpkin patch."
Pumpkin Patchi Interior
Halloween October US: $300.00
EU: €
"Don't worry about sleeping in here. Those ghosts aren't real... right?"
Halloween Interior
Gamer November US: $1,337.00
EU: €
"Welcome to gamer heaven. Complete with R.O.B and a giant Game Boy!."
Holiday December US: $500.00
EU: €
"Santa will get a rude awakening if he tries to come down that chimney."
Holiday Interior

Special Interiors

Unlike the many interiors that are sold in the shop, these interiors are unlocked by increasing an islanders happiness.

Tomodachi Collection

Tomodachi Life

Item Goal Description Image
Photo realistic Unlocked from the beginning "The mountain scenery in this room is impressive. Those horses look so real!"
Photo Realistic
Cartoon Have an islander at level 5 or higher "It's fun for sure, but you may go a little loony living in this cartoony room."
Cartoon Interior
English garden Have an islander at level 10 or higher "A perfect day in a lovely garden. maybe get someone else to water the plants."
English Garden Interior
Crystal Have an islander at level 15 or higher "Unlock the mysteries of those mystical ancient stalagmites. So sparkly!"
Crystal Interior
Prehistoric Have an islander at level 20 or higher "This room is old school. REALLY old school. Steer clear of that dino's eggs."
Galactic Have an islander at level 25 or higher "Perfect for people who need a lot of space. It's kind of cold in here."
Galactic Interior
Golden Have an islander at level 30 or higher "No wonder this room is so expensive! It's a robber's dream come true."


Tomodachi Collection

Tomodachi Life

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