For the large volcano in the center of Wuhu Island, see Maka Wuhu.

Yoshi driving on Maka Wuhu.

Maka Wuhu (known as Wuhu Mountain Loop in Europe) is the fourth and final track in the Star Cup, who takes place around the volcano Maka Wuhu, of the 2011 Nintendo game, Mario Kart 7. Like Wuhu Loop, it does not have the usual three laps but rather one lap divided into three sections. It is famous for a major shortcut exploit in the second section that allows the player to skip near thirty seconds of the entire track, which has led to an online patch of the game being released in 2012. Regardless, people still attempt the record in time trials.


As the European name suggests, the track is a loop around Maka Wuhu. The course begins near the beach, where racers cross the Island Loop Road, Footbridge, Wuhu Island River, and finally drive under the Weathered Monument (seen in image) to finish off the first section. As the players take a hard left to the Heart of Maka Wuhu, it is possible to go right and drive into the water, which will place the racers near Summerstone Castle, skipping thirty seconds. Going the normal way, the players proceed through the left fork of the tunnel and emerge near Duckling Lake, which the players can drive inside. After looping around Summerstone Castle, the third section begins. The Lone Cedar and Off-Road Vehicle are not present, however the Mountain Monument is. Instead of the path completing a loop back to the castle after going behind the mountain, players are able to glide off to the Beach Area, being able to land on the top of Cocoba Hotel to gain speed. The players finally land near Sugarsand Beach, where the path splits into two. After they rejoin behind Camel Rock, the players pass the finish line to end the race.



After the start of the second section of the track, in the mouth of the cave, if the player turns around and hops in the water just after the fence ends, or uses a Mushroom to hit the rocks on the wall, the racer will be recovered by Lakitu and, if done correctly, will make the player start at another area of the track, next to Summerstone Castle, near the third section.

This glitch can also be performed by landing in the water beside the fence without touching the rocks. This is a much easier way to do the glitch and can be done without the help of a mushroom.

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