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Markets are an event in Tomodachi Life in which Miis will set up booths and sell items to the player.

Items on sale are much cheaper than their store-price.

Sometimes, a Mii will hand out a bonus Gift.

Morning Market

A random mii character will sell any food (including trash foods) at a reduced price. The stall will have posters of the food, with some of the food resting on the table.

Afternoon Market

Unlike the other markets, this market will not have a stall. Instead, the mii selling the item will be sitting on a rug under an umbrella. Next to the mii will be a mannequin wearing the clothes that are being sold at a reduced price.

Mystery Bags and Night/Evening Market

Mystery bags can only be found at the night/evening market in the amusement park, and can only be bought once per day. They cost $50.00, and will contain three random items. These items can be a food item, a clothing item, treasure, or an interior. If the player gets a special/rare item slight gasps can be heard. The three items might not add up to $50.00 or more, so sometimes the lucky bag may not be worth it. The stall is the flashiest of the markets. There is signs with ??? on them, with lucky bags sitting on the table. There is also a neon sign.


To Another Mii in All Three Markets
"This will all be gone by tomorrow!"
"I've been in business for 20 years!"
"My store is the original one-stop shop!"
"We've got the best deals on the island!
"Come on over--this stuff's selling like crazy!"
"This is the first time we've offered this on [Island] island!"
"My shop was featured on TV once!"
"We've got gifts for every occasions!"
"Welcome, welcome!"
"You'd better buy something before it's all gone!"
"Our deals are world famous!"
"We've got value beyond compare!"
"My line's usually a mile long! Don't miss out!"
"Celebrities shop here sometimes!"
"Hurry, hurry!" Get it before it's gone!"
"You'd better buy something before it's all gone!"
"This is popular with the kids!"
"You can't even find this stuff on the Internet!"
"My stuff is the real deal!"
"We're the only place that carries this!"
"Why don't you try one?"
To Another Mii at the Morning Market
"[This/These] [Food] [is/are] the best!"
"Good morning!"
"You won't find anything tastier than my [Food]!"
"Step right up, and taste the most amazing [Food] ever!"
"My [Food] has a reputation for being the best ever."
"Deliciousness sold here!"
"I woke up really early to make [this/these] [Food]!"
"Celebrity chefs love my food!"
"Famous restaurants have been known to sell my recipes!"
"Welcome to the morning market!"
To Another Mii at the Afternoon Market
"[This/These] [Clothing] look good on anybody!"
"[This/These] [Clothing] are featured in all the latest fashion magazines!"
"All the celebrities are wearing [this/these] [Clothing] right now!"
"I worked with a famous designer to create this piece!"
"You might end up in the cover of a magazine if you wear these [Clothing]!"
"We use only organic materials!"
"This would look great on you!"
"Check out this fresh take on a classic look!"
"Welcome to the afternoon market!"
"I made [this/these] [Clothing] myself!"
"Good afternoon!"
To Another Mii at the Evening Market
"Step right up and try your luck!"
"Mystery bags are fun, fun, fun!"
"Welcome to the night market!"
"Only the finest products inside!"
"Mystery bags are so much fun!"
"There are three amazing items inside!"
"They definitely aren't leftover stock!"
"We've put some very cool items into these mystery bags!"
"Good evening!"
"There's no guarantee you'll get what you're hoping for!"
When Selecting Buy in all Three Markets
When Canceling Out of Buy in all Three Markets
"Quit browsing!"
"Are you seriously not going to buy anything?!"
"You gonna buy something or what?"
"Would you buy something already?!"
"No window-shopping!"
After Buying Something in all Three Markets
"Thank you!"



  • Morning markets are the only type of market available from the start. Afternoon and night markets are only available after two Miis begin to date.
  • Afternoon Markets have the shortest duration of the three Markets, lasting only two hours and 30 minutes.
  • Night Markets are the only type of market that can only be visited once daily.
  • The Morning and Night/Evening Markets are some of the few possible ways to get trash food (ruined meal, moldy bread, banana peel, and spoiled milk).
  • In the Night Market, if the player finds an item worth at least $100, an audience goes "Whoa!" and applauds.

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