The new Nintendo 3DS is the first hardware upgrade for the Nintendo 3DS line of systems, similar to the Nintendo DSi. Both a normal version and an "XL" version have been announced for release on October 11, 2014 in Japan, while it has been confirmed for release in Europe in 2015. In addition to having a more powerful CPU, the new Nintendo 3DS features an improved 3D effect, using the system's gyroscope and cameras to track the location of the player's eyes to sustain the 3D effect.

Two additional shoulder buttons (ZL and ZR) have been added, alongside a second smaller circle pad above the A, B, X and Y Button, the same features added with the Circle Pad Pro. The Start Button and Select Button buttons have been moved under the A, B, X and Y Button buttons, similar to the Nintendo DS lite and Nintendo DSi. In addition, the cartridge and stylus slots have been moved to the bottom of the handheld, and the SD card slot has been replaced by a mirco SD slot on the back of the system which can be accessed by removing the bottom cover. An NFC sensor is built-in, allowing compatibility with the Amiibo line of products.

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