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Nintendo 3DS XL Black
The Nintendo 3DS XL is an enlarged version of the Nintendo 3DS, containing 90% larger screens similarly to how the DSi XL contained 93% larger screens than the DSi. It was released in summer 2012 in most regions along with New Super Mario Bros. 2.


The Nintendo 3DS XL received near universal critical acclaim at launch. Reviewers generally recommended the console to new buyers of the Nintendo 3DS line, although not so much to current owners of a Nintendo 3DS. Kotaku mentioned it as "possibly the best portable gaming device ever [...] and a well-designed machine [...]" and that "it plays great games"[1][2]

The Verge noted that the larger top screen makes more obvious problems with aliasing and low-resolution textures. It did, however, say that the 3D felt more immersive. "Where the 3DS felt like peering through a peephole into another world," they said, "the XL is almost like stepping through a door." On the other hand, Destructoid said the 3D effect on the XL was more subtle than on its predecessor. The Verge spoke positively of the build quality and design choices, saying the console improved on the original.[3] A Destructoid reviewer said the 3DS XL was easier to use than the regular Nintendo 3DS, mainly due to his large hands.[4] The Verge noted lowered sound quality from the original, the result of smaller speakers. Both The Verge and Gizmodo complained of low-quality cameras.


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