Obstacle course is a Wii Fit Plus's Training Plus activity.

The player must run through a course and dodge the obstacles.


There are two levels of Obstacle Course. They differ in the nature of the hazards you will encounter:


  • Isolated stationary platforms
  • Isolated moving platforms
  • Single wrecking balls
  • "Head-on" rolling logs


  • Isolated stationary platforms
  • Isolated moving platforms
  • Conveyor belts


  • "Head-on" rolling logs
  • "Sideways" rolling logs
  • Single and double wrecking balls


  • Move along each of the successive course until you either finish the last one or run out of time.
  • Moving follows the typical patterns found in Wii Fit Plus
  • Walk or run in place to walk or run along the platforms
  • Bend and straighten your legs to make the Mii jump up and forward
  • Stand still to stop
  • Certain hazards require you to jump, while others will require you to make a move at the right time.

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