A player attempting to get a par.

In golf, every hole has a set par (or number of shots it should take to reach the hole) ranging from 3 to 5. If a player gets the ball to the hole in less shots than the par, it is considered "under par". If they take more shots, it is "over par".

Terms for over par and under par

  • Condor: Four under par. This has not been recorded in Wii Sports Resort, nor has it in professional golf.
  • Albatross: Three under par, also called "Double Eagle". This is a rare feat.
  • Eagle: Two under par. Still challenging, but not as hard as an Albatross.
  • Birdie: One under par. This is very easy compared to Albatross and Eagle.
  • Par: The number of shots the player takes is equal to the par.
  • Bogey: One over par.
  • Double Bogey: Two over par.
  • Triple Bogey: Three over par.
  • Beyond: After Triple Bogey, "+4" is used and so on.

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