The practice mode in action in canoeing.

In some of Wii Sports Resort's sports, the player can practice by using the practice mode.

Different sports in the practice mode

  • Wakeboarding: The player can earn a stamp by wakeboarding all around the island and landing 50 jumps, while a boat moves the player.
  • Power Cruising: Players can freely drive with their jet skis all over parts of the ocean players are able to explore. The players have just five minutes of free driving, but they can add bonus time (one minute) to the total time by hitting pink balloons that can be found in different places.
  • Canoeing: Players can paddle freely around Duckling Lake and can earn a stamp by retrieving all five ducklings and returning them to their mother.
  • Cycling: Players can cycle around the Island Loop Road as much as they want, with no opponents.

The player can access at the practice mode by pressing the Wiimote Minus button of the Wii Remote before beginning the game.


  • All water sports have a practice mode. Cycling is the only non-water sport that does, as well.
  • When a Mii has a low skill level, a practice mode for beginners is playable, but if they raise their skill level, they cannot play it anymore, even if it lowers back to what it was originally.

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