Rhythm Parade is an activity in Wii Fit Plus's Training Plus category. The player's Mii leads a marching band around the Town plaza, during a large celebration.

It leads the band around the Wishing Fountain, and perform tricks fall from the top of the screen. If you miss a trick, band members disappear. They appear when you do several good tricks.


  • Beginner: It has 105 potential tricks that appear. It has simple patterns,and takes roughly 3 minutes. The best score possible is 525 points.
  • Advanced: It has 265 potential tricks that appear. Has complex patterns, and takes roughly 4 minutes. As it has over twice as many tricks, but only one third more time, it is more compact, making it harder. The best score possible is 1325 points.


  • Marching: you stand on the Wii Balance Board. When your Mii starts marching, march in time to its movements. If you are marching in time correctly, you will see blue sparks at your Miis feet and hear a faint tinkling noise. Failure to march in time will result in a poor score.
  • Hand Movement: hold the Wii Remote in your right hand, and the Nunchuk in your left. A stream of pictures of Wii Remotes and Nunchuks fall downwards into two circles in a corner of the screen. When they reach the circles, you flick the controller on the correct side.