Segway Circuit
is a activity in Wii Fit Plus's Training Plus. The goal of the activity to pop the balloons produced by robot moles within a certain time limit while driving a Segway.

The player can use pets to help himself achieve his goal, as they can pop balloons and slow down moles. By default it will automatically be a dog, unless the player had created a pet cat. To get a pet, either approach one at close range, or press Abutton to activate a whistle.

This whistle also can send a pet out to pop a balloon, which automatically homes in on them. Unfortunately,the pets have limited range, so they can not always reach there target if it is to far away. After sending the pet out, it will then return to you. When chasing the boss mole, the dog can only short out it's circuits,which temporarily slows down the boss. Pets sometimes act independently, such as chasing after the boss mole and slowing it down without you telling it to. This can potentially be frustrating, as this can cause you to overshoot your target.

Besides simply driving around and trying to find balloons, your segway comes with a on-board GPS map of the island.


  • Beginner: Beach Area Has 8 normal moles and boss mole with a single balloon. Time given: 180 seconds.
  • Advanced: the hill area around Palm Boulevard, Heartbreak Peak, and the area around the Red Iron Bridge. Has 11 normal moles and a boss mole with 2 balloons. Time given: 210 seconds.
  • Expert-General: In or around the Wuhu Town. Has 19 normal moles and a boss mole with 3 balloons and a smokescreen. Time given: 240 seconds.

Quick tips

  • Be quick and constantly move. Don't wait for your dog while it is going out, move on to the next balloon. The dog will come back to you anyway.
  • If you are going after a mole, and it starts to deflate it's balloon early, you should move on to another one, as when you arive it will be above ground.Another strategy is to send your pet to attack,since if it is too late, you will not lose points.
  • If you are constantly whistling for your pet, it can get confused and leave you. While you are chasing a boss mole, be ready for your pet to slow it down without you telling it to. If you don't anticipate this, you can shoot right by it without hitting hit.


  • To simulate riding a Segway, the player stands on the Wii Balance Board.
  • To move forwards, lean forwards. Similarly, to move backwards, lean backwards.
  • The Wii Remote should be held horizontally with both hands.
  • To steer left and right, simply lean the remote either left or right

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