Wii tennis serve

A Mii is serving a ball in tennis.

Table tennis wsr serve

A Mii is serving a ball in Table Tennis.

A serve in tennis and table tennis is a shot to start a point. A player will hit the ball with a racket so it will fall into diagonal opposite backside of  the field/table without being stopped by the net.

Normally, players begins a serve by tossing the ball into the air and hitting it (usually near the highest point of the toss). The ball can only touch the net on a return and will be considered good if it falls on the opposite side.

To toss the ball up in the air, the player must flick the Remote upwards with their wrist (this can also be done by pressing the Abutton button). Then they must give a jerk to the Wii Remote as they would if they were playing tennis for real. The game will recognize overarm or underarm serve motions. To achieve a Power Serve, the player must toss the ball as normal and then strike it when it is at its highest. If it hits it at the very peak of its toss, it will hit a very powerful serve and a trail of smoke will follow the ball.

If the ball contacts the net on the serve but then proceeds to the proper backside box, it is called a let; this is not a legal serve in the major tours (but see below) although it is also not a fault. Players typically serve overhead, but serving underhand, although rare, is allowed. The serve is the only shot a player can take their time to set up instead of having to react to an opponent's shot. The serve is one of the more difficult shots for a novice, but once mastered it can be a considerable advantage. Advanced players can hit the serve in many different ways and often use it as an offensive weapon to gain an advantage in the point or to win it outright.

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