Shooting Range
Shooting Range is one of Wii Play's minigames.

Players go through various rounds of shooting balloons, targets (includes Mii targets; shooting your own Miis results in a deduction of points, shooting the opponents gives you points), frisbees, soda cans, and UFOs, as the player has to protect the 6 Miis (3 of each in 2 player mode) they are using from being abducted and taken away. There are targets that have the faces of the players' Miis, which give points when the opponent's Mii is shot. Ducks also fly by and can be shot for additional points. Bonus points are awarded for consecutive hits without missing. In Single Player Mode, a second Wii Remote can help player one earn extra points.


  • Stage 1: The player must shoot some balloons that are floating up to the top of the screen.
  • Stage 2: The player must shoot some targets that appear in random places. There are regular targets, gold targets, that make the player earn extra points, and targets with the player's Mii on them, if these ones are shot, the player loses points.
  • Stage 3: The player must shoot some flying disks that fly off into the horizon. The player will gain extra points if he/she shoots a flying frisbees while it's nearby.
  • Stage 4: The player must keep some cans from touching the ground by shooting them, until they are shot five times, which will cause them to explode and the player to gain 5 points.
  • Stage 5: The final stage. The player must save some mini versions of their Miis from UFOs by shooting the UFOs. Every Mii that the player saves counts as 5 points.

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