SpotPass is a feature in the Nintendo 3DS. Players can receive game data from anywhere in the world with it.

Nintendo 3DS

SpotPass was first introduced during the 2011 Game Developers Conference by the Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime announced that Nintendo has partnered with AT&T to provide access to AT&T hotspots via the Nintendo 3DS.

In the Nintendo Zone application, users can view game trailers, game screenshots, and information about current and upcoming Nintendo 3DS titles. Although the app remains on their Nintendo 3DS system, it becomes unable to access it after the player leaves the hotspot.

Wii U

Similar to Nintendo 3DS's more distinctly mobile SpotPass functionality, the SpotPass feature on Wii U allows the system to automatically download available content via the Internet in the background, while the system is in use or in sleep mode. When the system is transmitting while in sleep mode, the system light will turn orange. Content that can be downloaded via SpotPass includes full game and application downloads, firmware updates, patches, and specific in-game content. Content currently being downloaded can be viewed in the Download Manager, accessed via the Wii U's HOME Menu.

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