StreetPass Mii Plaza logo
Streetpass Mii Plaza Diorama
The cover art
Developer(s) Various
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Designer(s) Kouichi Kawamoto
Console 3DS
Release dates Japan: February 26, 2011

North America: March 27, 2011

Europe: March 25, 2011

Distribution Pre Installed

StreetPass Mii Plaza is an application for the Nintendo 3DS that allows players to play minigames that involve the use of StreetPass.


As the name implies, StreetPass Mii Plaza uses the 3DS' built in StreetPass functionality, importing any StreetPassed Miis into the plaza. In addition, the player can choose from two minigames with their miis: Puzzle Swap and Find Mii, each with unique gameplay.

In 2013, the application was given a makeover, adding various features such as extended hats, the ability to win Raffle Tickets, and four new minigames for the player to choose from (Mii Force, Flower Town, Warrior's Way, and Monster Mannor). This eventually grew even further in 2015, adding two more minigames (Ultimate Angler and Battleground Z), the ability to store games already completed, and a VIP room to keep any favored Miis from being erased.


  • Find Mii: Players must recruit Miis as heroes to rescue their chosen Mii, who has been captured by the Ultimate Ghost. Players can also hire Wandering Heroes with Play Coins.
  • Find Mii IIThe sequel to Find Mii, with the same objective.
  • Puzzle Swap: Players must use Miis found through StreetPass to borrow puzzle pieces to complete several puzzles. Players can also buy puzzle pieces with Play Coins.
  • Mii ForcePlayers must recruit Miis for weapons in order to save the galaxy, being taken over by The Gold Bone Gang. Players can also hire recruits with Play Coins.
  • Flower Town: Players must gather Miis to support their own garden of flowers, with assistance from Mr. Mendel and various other characters.
  • Warrior's Way: Players must recruit Miis as generals to conquer a war torn world, up to the emperor himself. The player can also hire Mercenaries through the use of Play Coins.
  • Monster Manor: Players must explore a haunted mansion with the help of Iris Archwall, finding other miis as investigators with their own map pieces of the mansion. The player can also hire investigators with Play Coins.
  • Battleground ZPlayers must fight off a horde of zombies, using powers gathered from other miis.
  • Ultimate AnglerPlayers must gather Miis to gain a collection of fish.
  • Slot Car Rivals: Players must race against other Miis in order to obtain the title of champion in a slot car race.
  • Market Crashers: Players must buy and sell market stock to other Miis, attempting to dominate the industry.
  • Ninja Launcher: Players, dressed as a ninja, must launch themselves through the sky, collecting various weapons and items. Once they land, they are forced to fight against demons with the items they collected.
  • Feed Mii: Players must cook food for the Miis they have met through StreetPass.
  • Mii Trek: Players, with a group of other Miis, must adventure through an old, dangerous ruin.


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