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A bowler achieving a strike.

A strike is a term used in bowling when the player hits all 10 pins at once (or 100 in 100-Pin Game) with the ball.

The strike is worth ten points plus the number of pins knocked down with the next two shots. In this case, taking the second shot. For example, if the player strikes in the first frame, and in the following two shots they knock down seven and two, the score of the first frame will be 19 (10+7+2). The maximum score obtainable with a strike is then 30, in case they also cut down ten pins in two subsequent strokes (ie, they have made 3 strikes in a row, the so-called "turkey"). If the last frame of the match is carried a spare or a strike, then one or two additional shots to allow the calculation of the score of the frame, since, as seen, the score in these cases must take account of subsequent strokes. In case the player have made ​​the strike, there will be two additional shots, while the spare will be carried out only another roll.

Multiple strikes

If a player knocks down two strikes in a row, it is called a double. Three is a turkey, which also gets a stamp for the player. Every subsequent strike in a row, the game calls it "four in a row", "seven in a row", etc.

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