Swapnote (also known as Nintendo Letter box or Nintendo Postbox) is a free download from the Nintendo eShop, released on December 22, 2011. Swapnote allows Nintendo 3DS users to send notes to friends on SpotPass or StreetPass. Users can unlock rewards for sending messages. This is also the first mode of chat for the Nintendo 3DS.

On October 31, 2013 Nintendo discontinued the SpotPass features, citing an overwhelming number of inappropriate posts and complaints from parents. [1]

Nikki's automatic messages

By continue using Swapnote, the user will receive automatic messages sent by the mascot of the service, a Mii named Nikki.

  • The list of messages are reported bellow
  • Welcome to Swapnote!
  • Write Swapnotes!
  • I'm Nikki!
  • Send Swapnotes via Internet!
  • Send Swapnotes via StreetPass!
  • Reply to other's Swapnotes!
  • Attach photos to your Swapnotes!
  • Draw Swapnotes in 3D!
  • Use 6 different Stationery for your Swapnotes!
  • Attach a short audio clip to your Swapnote!
  • costs 15 Coins to unlock
  • Coin unlockables! (once they are unlocked, they stay available)
  • Can also download images and sound clips from received Swapnotes (have to unlock first).
  • See if (and who to) you've sent Swapnotes via Internet.
  • Use Coins (5 each) to unlock even more Stationery!
  • Promotional Stationery can also now be received and then used.
  • Set a Time Stamp! (Can make a Note unreadable until a certain date as well!)
  • Slideshow!
  • L/R jump! (Hit L/R to jump to the next New or Favorited message)
  • You've reached 100 Swapnotes!
  • Informs of the 3000 limit, and that, once reached, the oldest non-Favorited message will be deleted to make room for a new one.
  • You can use different colors on different pages! and Undo last draw by hitting B button.
  • Box Sorting! (Can have notes from specific people be shown)
  • Also shows Deleting messages
  • Staff Credits 1 of 2
  • Staff Credits 2 of 2



The automatic message which says to the user that it unlocked the Pop-Out text.

  • By sending three messages, the user will unlock the option of sending photos.
  • By sending four messages, the user will unlock the option to use 3D pop-out text.
  • By sending five messages, the user will unlock the option to choose six new backgrounds for the messages.
  • By sending six messages, the user will unlock the option to send audio files messages.



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