Tanks is a minigame in Wii Play.


In this game, the player controls a small toy tank to destroy enemy tanks in a 2.5D wooden toy block environment. The game is similar to the arcade game Tank.

Tanks can fire shells and/or lay mines. All tanks, including the player's, will be destroyed when hit by a single shell or mine. The aim of the game is to destroy all enemy tanks while avoiding their attacks. When this is achieved, play advances to the next level, which will have a different combination of enemy tank types and a differently laid-out block environment.

This game does not offer continuation when game over. The Wii Remote as a pointing device is used for controlling the crosshair for firing shells. When the Wii Remote is used alone, its D-pad controls the tank movement. When the Nunchuk is connected, the D-pad is disabled and tank control is given to the Nunchuk's joystick. In single-player mode, the player begins with three lives and is awarded an extra life every five completed levels. When the player dies with unused lives, play is resumed mid-play (i.e. destroyed enemy tanks are not replaced), except start positions are reset. The first time a Mii completes mission 20, game is over (with a "Mission Completed" message).

Thereafter, however, 100 missions are available. In two-player mode, each player has only one life with various pseudo awards, most of which are predicated on achieving various accomplishments (the most notable of which is the "Ice Cold, No Mistakes" award; this is obtained by destroying 50 tanks without losing a life). Therefore there is no mid-play resumes if both players die in a mission. However, if one player dies and the other successfully eliminates all remaining enemy tanks, play will advance to the next mission with both players alive. In addition to this cooperative aspect, there is a competitive aspect in which the two players attempt to accumulate more kills than each other. Compared to single-player mode, some missions have more enemy tanks. In two-player mode, only the first 20 missions are available.

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