Cycling Sugarsand Beach

Some Miis are racing through the Sugarsand Beach.

To The Beach is a cycling race stage, which takes place in the Beach Area.


The race starts in a street in Wuhu Town. When the racers arrive in in the end of the town, near the Red Iron Bridge, there's a turn which goes to the left. The track continues straight on a little hill, then there's a small turn which takes the bikers to a path surrounded by meadows, in the left side of the Wuhu Island River. The path go straight for some feet, until there's a sharp turn in the right. After crossing the Footbridge, there is another turn at the right, that takes the bikers to a downhill zig-zag path. After that, the bikers must cross a climb which takes them to a large grassy path. When the grassy path is over, the racer must jump a gap in the ground, for land in a straight lower path. The race is half-way. The racer finally arrive in the Beach. There is wind that makes more difficult this path; after a short straightaway, there is a large turn to the right, which passes near the Camel Rock. Then, there's a U-turn which takes the biker behind the rock; after a short straightaway, with some rocks on the ground as obstacles, the racers turn left for passing under a hole in the rock. The race is almost over. After the tunnel in the rock, there is a large turn in the right, a small straightaway and then a sharp turn the the left; after that there is a large straight path which takes the racers to the finish line.

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