Ultimate Ghost

A Wandering Hero preparing to face the Ultimate Ghost.

Ultimate Ghost is a major antagonist in Find Mii and its sequel, being a minion (or possibly a sub-boss) of the Dark Lord. First appearing in Find Mii, Ultimate Ghost appears immediately after the Armored Fiend (Armored Archfiend in the sequel) is defeated, grabbing the Monarch in its large, moist hands.

As a boss, Ultimate Ghost is arguably one of the hardest enemies the player faces. Possessing a whopping 150 HP and, in Find Mii II, the ability to spawn Level Down Gas, he is a highly durable foe. As such, higher levelled heroes are recommended for both fights.


Find Mii

First appearing in this game, Ultimate Ghost appears immediately after the Armored Fiend is defeated, grabbing the unsuspecting monarch with its large hand. As the monarch cries out for help, the Ultimate Ghost scares away the hero that defeated the Armored Fiend, and the battle begins. As with all Find Mii enemies, Ultimate Ghost does little except stand in place as the character attacks them, dodging every so often and scaring away the hero afterwards. Upon being defeated, the Ultimate Ghost at first glows, before fading away into oblivlion. The monarch is rescued immediately afterwards as the ghost's reign of terror is over.

Find Mii II

In Find Mii II, Ultimate Ghost is revealed to have survived his fate in the predicessor, and once again grabs the Monarch after the Armored Archfiend is defeated. In battle, he behaves exactly the same as before, except he can now summon Level Down Gas to reduce the heroes' strength. Furthermore, he is also able to neutralize any defensive magic by creating a black rain cloud. Still, the heroes sucessfuly defeat him a second time, and repeats his death from the previous.


As the Ultimate Ghost makes a minor appearance, his personality is shown little. However, he does appear to be defensive of the monarch and his master, The Dark Lord, as shown when he grabs the monarch and is fought just before the Dark Lord himself.

Physical Appearance

The Ultimate Ghost possesses an appearance drastically unique from other Ghosts, although he has a jagged mouth and glaring eyes, not unlike Blood Ghost. Despite this, Ultimate Ghost also possesses a large body with a tornado shaped end, along with two clawed, detatched hands on both his sides. In addition, Ultimate Ghost also possesses two large, curved horns atop his head.

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