A whale jumping out of the water in Island Flyover
Region Northern Ocean Area
Specific Location Somewhere in the northern ocean, they can be seen when they rarely jump out from the water.
Whales are a type of marine mammal that live in the ocean around Wuhu Island and Deserted Island. Based on the physical appearances, the whales around these islands are supposed to be a kind of larger sized rorqual (the largest group of baleen whales), and neither blue, minke, nor humpback whales (although the whale shown in the icon of the whale watchers resembles a humpback whale). These factors indicate, if the ecosystem of this series follow that of our world, they are either fin whales or hybrids.

A group of Miis called the Whale Watchers ride out in boats to observe the whales up close. The whales can be seen in Island Flyover and in Power Crusing's practice mode in the Northern Ocean Area. In Island Flyover, they can be seen better when they jump out of the water, but they do not allow the player to get close to them, disappearing under the waves after the player gets too close. If you are fast enough to get to them, you will pass straight through their body.

It's unclear whether these whales are references to the whales around the Crescent Island and the Everfrost Island in the Pilotwings 64.

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