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The yoga activities menu.

The yoga and strength training activities in the Wii Fit series provide the player with an on-screen personal trainer, who offers direction and evaluation. While standing or otherwise leaning on the Wii Balance Board, the player is instructed to perform the activity by precisely imitating the trainer's actions. In yoga, the player holds a particular pose or series of poses for a duration of time; while in strength training the player performs a set number of repetitions of the exercise selected. During these sessions, the player is shown a visual indication of his or her Center of Balance, represented as a red dot. The trainer advises the player to maintain the Center of Balance throughout the activity, requesting that it not move outside a particular threshold (usually indicated as a yellow circle). When the activity ends, the player is scored based on how well the player kept his or her balance during the session: points are deducted if the player's body haphazardly swayed or shook at any point.

Wii Fit

See also: Wii Fit

There are 30 yoga and strength training activities included in Wii Fit.


Image Activity


DeepBreathing Deep Breathing It requires the player to stay balanced while breathing in and out.
Wiifit-yoga-halfmoon Half-moon This exercise stretches the player's waist muscles and can help to improve its posture and digestive health.
YogaWarrior Warrior Strengthens your thighs and hips, and also helps align your pelvis.
Tree yoga Tree Strengthen your legs and back. To achieve this pose, one must balance on one leg while putting the other leg at an angle, being held up by your other leg. Once this is done, your hands should be pressed against each other and raised above your head.

Strength Training

Image Activity


Wiifitsinglelegextension Single leg extension Helps build triceps, torso, and hip muscles and improves coordination. This exercise is done by balancing on one leg and repeatedly pulling it back and forth. Each time the leg is pulled back to the balance board, it counts as a single repetition. Three activity levels can be chosen: six reps, ten reps, or twenty reps for each leg. The total score is decided by the player's balance. A heel-shaped oval is used to represent the area that the player's balance is in. If the balance is perfectly inside the oval the entire time, the player will receive a perfect 100 points.
37188 Wii Fit sideways leg lift2 Sideways leg lift Helps strengthen side and shoulder muscles for that well-toned look.
Wii-fit-arm-leg-lift Arm and legs lift Tones shoulder and hip muscles to improve body balance.

Wii Fit Plus

See also: Wii Fit Plus

Wii Fit Plus provides all of the original yoga activities in Wii Fit and new six Yoga and Strength-Training exercises.

New exercises

  • Yoga
    • Spine Extension
    • Gate
    • Grounded V
  • Strength Training
    • Balance Bridge
    • Single-Leg Reach
    • Side Lunge

Wii Fit U

See also: Wii Fit U

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