The volcano is a part of the Wii Party's Board Game Island. It has two purposes, both act as an annoyance to the player.

As a penalty place

When a player lands on a Skull space or fails the 4th challenge, he/she gets pushed inside the volcano and their turn ends.

Starting with his/her next turn, he must cover the 9-space route in the volcano before re-entering the main island where he was before he dropped in. He can also get out by stepping exactly on the shiny space of the volcano (the 4th space).

Players in the volcano:

  • cannot be challenged to a 1 vs 1 minigame
  • cannot be switched with another player by an UFO
  • cannot be blown back by the tornado

Volcano eruption

When a player lands on the volcano space, they don't get dropped into the volcano, instead the volcano erupts. It means that for the next 3 turns, all action spaces are -4 spaces (strangely enough, inside the volcano nothing happens). When a player steps on a -4 space during this period, rocks from the volcano fall on them, pushing him/her back 4 spaces. If they fall on a -4 space again, another rock comes, and they go back again. And so on.

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