These are the sysops of the Wii Sports Resort Wiki. There is also information about other rights.

Users with Extra Rights

More information can be found here.

Name Description Complete Rights
Lumoshi (Talk) Lumoshi is the Supreme Maximum Ultimate Prime Lord King Chancellor Dictator Overlord Emperor of this wiki. Sysop, Bureaucrat, Founder
SamStation (Talk) Sysop, Bureaucrat
Simpson55 (Talk) In charge of the wiki's themes Sysop, Buraucrat



IPs are anonymous. They are permitted to edit, comment, and most things normal users can do.

Registered Users

Registered users are logged in. They have all of the rights IPs do, but they can do more. They are allowed to have blogs, make fanon stuff, upload files, make signatures, enter their stuff in contests, to name some.

Chat Moderator

Chat mods have extra authority on chat. They can kick a user off for misbehavior and if the act continues, then they can be banned. Sysops have this power as well, and they may also give it to other users.


Rollbackers can revert vandalism, spam, and such very easily. Near the undo button on a history, there is a rollback button which will undo all of the offender's edits at once. This right is also possessed by sysops, but only bureaucrats may grant it.

Sysop (or administrator)

Sysops are the leaders of the wiki. They have several powers that others don't. They can delete pages, lock pages, block users from editing, edit the wiki's theme, and such. These abilities can be performed in the Admin Dashboard.


They are just like sysops, except that they may grant rollback, sysop, and bureaucrat rights to other users. As bureaucrats can only be demoted by themselves or Wikia Staff, a bureaucrat is obligated to demote themself if they are retiring or going in active.


The founder, Lumoshi, has authority over all other users BECAUSE HE IS SO FREAKING AWESOME. If he decides to retire, he will choose a bureaucrat to lead the wiki in his place.


If you are interested in obtaining a higher rank, contact a bureaucrat (or sysop for chat mod). If they deem you worthy you will be promoted.

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