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  Welcome to the Wiikipedia - The Wii Series Wiki, a database centered around Nintendo's sports game, Wii Sports Resort and the Wii series games. This wiki was made to tell readers tips about all the game modes. Each day new articles about sports, tips, and updates will appear. Thanks for reading on Wii Sports Resort Wiki! Remember, anyone can edit, so don't be shy to press the edit button! If you want to discuss something with lots of users on this wiki then take it to the forums. Make sure you read them daily to get the latest discussion and buzz on the wiki!

As of July 28, 2015, the users of the Wiikipedia have made 342 articles and counting! Great job, everyone!

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Mii Female
Miis are customizable avatars that debuted alongside the Wii via the Mii Channel. They are playable characters in several games. Later, they appeared in the Nintendo 3DS and the Wii U in their Mii Maker, as well.

They've since become a phenomenon and arguably the mascot of the Wii system console.

Miis are the principal and the only playable characters in the Wii series. In those game, all of the Miis from the player's Mii channel are playable. There are also many CPU (computer-controlled) Miis included with the games that serve as opponents and spectators.

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  • August 17, 2013: The wiki has been founded by Lumoshi (Talk).
  • August 26, 2013: The wiki reaches 100 pages with the creation of Wii Family Edition!
  • August 31, 2013: 122 pages are made in two weeks! Congratulations everyone!
  • September 17, 2013: 160 pages are made in one month! Congratulations everyone!
  • November 15, 2013: The wiki reaches 200 pages Baseball!
  • November 29, 2013: The wiki's Youtube channel has been created.
  • March 22, 2014: The wiki reaches 300 pages with the creation of Wii Music/List of songs
  • April 30, 2014: The wiki title changes to Wii Sports Resort Walkthrough Wiki to Wiikipedia - The Wii Series Wiki
  • August 17, 2014: The wiki reaches its first year of life.

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