This is an article about the Mario Kart 7 battle course. For the actual town, see Wuhu Town.
Wuhu Town MK7

Yoshi driving in Wuhu Town.

Wuhu Town is one of the three new battle courses in Mario Kart 7. As the name suggests, the racers battle inside the limits of Wuhu Town.

In the center of the town there's a fountain which allows players to jump over it and accomplish a trick. There are also three small paths leading uphill to a small grass-covered area, where The Queen Peach cruise ship and The Whale Shark blimp can be seen. Item Boxes are scattered near the center of the stage, usually where a path begins. There is a metal fence on the exits of the town and some white lights hanging on windows, roofs, or lit-up lampposts. Some parts of the town, between the buildings, have patches of grass and the rest is a bricked road.

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